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Homart Pharmaceuticals Wins the 2014 Golden Overseas Compatriot Award

The Overseas Community Affairs Council of Taiwan (OCAC) has held the Golden Overseas Compatriot Award every year since 2009 in order to evoke the interaction and communication amongst overseas Chinese, and has had enthusiastic responses from everyone so far. This year, the OCAC has requested all Chinese from home and abroad to tell their story by means of a photograph or a short film depicting them at school, at work, in travel, or living abroad, in the theme of “In Memory Of Youth, Reserve of Affection- a Collection of Stories.” This year Homart entered this contest with the <Dragon Footprints> documentary, produced by the ABC cooperation and nominated by the Asian Media Centre. Dragon Footprints is the story of Homart Managing Director Ms Lynn YEH, and won the 2014 Golden Overseas Compatriot Award.

The <Dragon Footprints> Documentary, was filmed by the Australian national shooting team, and featured an interview taken at the most advanced cGMP sterile manufacture factory and the century-old Homart Museum amongst the lush green woods. This documentary was produced by the ABC cooperation with the Asian Media Centre, and this documentary told the story of how Homart Managing Director Ms Lynn YEH started her business from scratch, how Lynn was brought up, highlights her great achievements during her career, and displays her significant commitment to society. It highly praised the Chinese-Australians’ perseverance, courage, and indomitable spirit.

Ms Lynn YEH is a second-generation migrant form Taiwan in year 1989, graduated from University of Sydney, with a masters degree in Marketing. Lynn established Homart Pharmaceuticals in 1992, specializing in manufacturing and exporting top quality health supplements. This has grown into Homart Pharmaceuticals today with its own cGMP sterile manufacturing factory which manufactures health supplements, skin care products, infant formula, and its own farm for raw materials. Ms Lynn YEH is consistently leading Homart to become a world famous Australia health supplement and skin care product company.  Ms Lynn YEH sincerely believes that company culture is the essence of success. She thinks an organisation, like a person, has character, and she wants to lead Homart to become a respected company. Homart’s culture includes “reliance, law-abiding, honest, responsible, work efficient, and innovative”. When these company cultures are practiced consistently throughout the management of every department, be it on Human Resources, Production, Quality Control, Marketing, or Financial Department, it shapes Homart’s style and characteristics. It is through this motto and company culture that Ms. Lynn is able to continuously bring out new products and also able to continuously support multiple Australian and international charity events, to encourage people around her to commit themselves to return to society. Ms. Lynn is a model entrepreneur and a brilliant Australian woman!  Homart’s products are not only well-known in Australia, but also famous throughout the world.  They represent high Quality, Purity, Natural and 100% Australia made health supplements and skin care products. <Dragon Footprints> is a documentary record of Homart’s great growth and successful performance, and the winning of the 2014 Golden Overseas Compatriot Award is yet another recognition of Homart’s achievement. . For Australian health supplements, Homart is your best choice!

Homart phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au

Photo: Homart Pharmaceuticals Wins 2014 Golden Overseas Compatriot Award

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