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Homart Group Managing Director Lynn Yeh Invited to the Fifth Anniversary Celebration of Chinese Beneficence Federation of Australia

Homart Group managing director Lynn Yeh, as a VIP guest, was invited to attend the fifth anniversary celebration of Chinese Beneficence Federation of Australia which was held in the Canterbury Bankstown Municipal Center. Founded in Australia since 1992, Homart Group has actively participated in charity activities and contributed to the community. Each year Homart gives a helping hand to charities in Australia as well as many other places all over the world, setting an example to other enterprises and giving back society. Since the establishment of Chinese Beneficence Federation of Australia five years ago, Homart has continuously provided it with support.

The fifth anniversary celebration of Chinese Beneficence Federation of Australia was strongly supported by the Australian Chinese community. The event was opened in the beautiful chorus of Jasmine. A group of first-class actors, including famous artists, brought wonderful performances to the audience. Liu Jingyu, the president of Chinese Beneficence Federation of Australia, said that during the past five years, people have sacrificed their own free time to contribute to charity and all the achievements are the result of people’s joint efforts. Chinese Beneficence Federation of Australia has gone through a five-year history of caring for the community, the elderly, children, the disabled, women, compatriots, disaster relief, and helping children in Chinese mountainous areas, which was sponsored and assisted by Homart Group.

Since five years ago, Homart Group has supported the education assistance program to improve the education of disadvantaged children in Xiangxi Autonomous in Hunan Province. This region had no lights. Homart provided energy-saving lamps for each family, purchased computers, TVs and desks for students and renovated basketball courts and event centres. Homart Group did its best to help Chinese poverty areas.

Homart Group has been passionate about charity since it was established in 1992 and has always reached out to the people in need as well as set an example for other entrepreneurs to follow, by e.g. sponsoring Austrian Royal Flying Doctor (RFDS), St John Ambulance Australia, Food Bank, Vision Australia, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef (CGBR) Foundation, school construction for poverty-stricken students in china, donating for Queensland floods, Sichuan earthquake, Yunan earthquake, Taiwan Kaohsiung gas explosions, Beijing floods. Homart Group believes in creating a caring society and always supports charity activities. Homart is one of Australia’s most trusted, reliable and preferred health food brand.



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