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Homart Sponsored the 3rd Huaxing Arts Festival

This week, Huaxing Arts Festival Mid-Autumn Performances sponsored by Homart Pharmaceuticals and hosted by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of The State Council and Huaxing Arts Group was successfully concluded, with thousands of people having attended. The two wonderful performances, Blossoming Flowers Open to the Sun and The Moon Shining Over the Tianshan Mountains, debuted at the Sydney International Convention and Exhibition Center (ICC SYDNEY).

Many honoured guests were present at this event, including Gu Xiaojie, the Consul General, Li Bing, the president of Nan Hai Culture & Media (Australia) Group, Yu Junwu, the leader of Huaxing Arts Group , and Lynn Yeh, the CEO of Homart Group.  A total of more than 5,000 audiences watched the show, which is not only highly praised due to its high quality and high standard performances, but also relieves the feelings of homesickness of Australian Chinese.

Huaxing Arts Group Australia aims to foster and promote performing arts through cultural exchange, performances, events, and various performance platforms between the world and the local community. Homart Group is the first company to sponsor cultural groups, looking forward to fulfilling its social responsibility and making people enjoying more colourful cultural feasts.

The performers were from China as well as Australian local arts groups. For instance, the humorous acrobatics show “Happy Panda ” was performed on CCTV many times, the group dance “He Lives In You”, and the martial arts performance “Kung Fu Legend” have received a warm welcome from the audience.

The sponsor Homart Group, as a local influential enterprise, contributes to the society and cares for the community on a long term basis. Huaxing Arts Festival Mid-Autumn Performances promote the Sino-Australian cultural exchanges, and enriches the cultural life of the Chinese community. Homart is one of Australia’s most trusted, reliable and preferred health food brand.

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