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Homart Group Supports the Jackie Chan Charity Project to Build a School

Homart Group fully supports Jackie Chan Charity Project and his documentary film. His documentary film was produced by the Jackie Chan Group (JC Group), Asian Media Centre and Australia SBS TV. Jackie Chan’s aim is to encourage more and more people to get involved in his charity activates and to build a school together for poverty-stricken students. Homart Group was established in 1992, and in the past 23 years, Homart has regularly been involved in various charity activities, and Homart this time will again take action to help people and children who need our help.


Recently, as this charity project’s main sponsor, Homart Group Managing Director Ms Lynn YEH was invited to the Jackie Chan film gallery in Shanghai and attended his documentary film opening ceremony.  There were other VIPs invited to this charity event, some of these including Tourism Australia Shanghai Representative, Australia famous football player Tim Cahill and Asian Media Centre Director Mimi Chau, etc. All these people gladly agreed to be involved in Jackie’s Charity event and willingly donated their money to build a school for those children in poor and remote areas of China. The Jackie Chan Charity Project is called ‘Build a School For a Dollar.’ It was Jackie’s idea to encourage children to donate a dollar to help their friends who need help and Jackie promised that every dollar people donate, he would match it with another dollar. This project has received a lot of recognition and responders, and soon the Jackie charity group received enough money to build its first school. However, the charity project did not stop there, and more and more people are becoming involved in this great project every day.

Homart Group always cares for society, and for many years has regularly participated in charity activities both in Australia and internationally. Homart consistently takes action to help those people in need. Over the years, the Homart Group has supported many charity events, such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), St. Johns Australian Ambulance Team, the Australian Christian Community Service Centre (CCCSC), donation to the China Sichuan and YunNan Earthquake, Taiwan Floods, Queensland Floods and has provided scholarships to poverty-stricken students in Wuhan, China. Homart is going to continue to organise and hold a wide range of charity events in the future to encourage more people to engage in these charity events, leading by example.

For Australian health supplements, Homart is your best choice!

Homart Group’s phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au.

Photo: Homart Group Supports Jackie Chan’s Charity Project to Build a School


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