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Homart Pharmaceuticals attended official celebration of Australia National Day


Australia National Day is to celebrate Capitan Arthur Phillip who raised the British flag and the settlement of European on 26 January 1778. So all Australian host all sorts of activities to celebrate the special day 26 January each year.


This year’s celebration was hold at the historical heritage building-Old Government House. This event invited important Australia government officials and other business entrepreneurs. Lynn YEH-managing director of Homart pharmaceuticals also attended the celebration of Australia National Day. The organizer also prepared a series of colorful celebration activities for the VIP guests. Firstly, the guests were showed to visit Old Government House under the Australian professional guide. This historical building is one the oldest governor’s palace with more than 215 years. Old Government House was built in 1799, the new one has been renovated and expanded by the governors at the time and Mrs. Macquaire during 1810 and 1821. When people entered the 215-year-long historical building ,they are all deeply attracted by its strong designing and dramatic colors. Moreover, the Old Government House was also surrounded by its beautiful park, and recognized as one of the culture preservation historical site.


Afterwards, the government officials made an announcement, Dr. Geoff Lee MP-member of parliament, Minister for Justice, Mr Greg Smith SC MP, they all welcome the attended guests and expressed their outlook for the new year and celebration for the national day. The guests were enjoying the lovely wine and delicate cuisine by immersing themselves into this beautiful historical building.


A marvellous firework performance was showing in the sky of Old Government House, the atmosphere of this celebration was pushed into the climax when the fireworks bloomed in the sky. The guests were all taking photos, joyful atmosphere has concluded the Australia National Day in a perfect way.


As the leading Australia health supplement manufacture established in 1992, Homart pharmaceuticals has actively engaged into the different culture and charity activities for more than 21 years around the world. This time, it again has been invited to attend the celebration of Australia National Day, spending an unforgettable night with other guests. Under the spirit of ‘trustworthy, reliability and sustainable development’, Homart has been continually manufacturing high quality health supplements and skin care products. Spring Leaf, Top Life, Health.N.Nature have gained large reputation. As the exclusive health supplement manufacturer showcased in the Australian Pavilion during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Homart has won 14 Australia and national awards during the last 4 years. Homart will continue to manufacture high quality health supplements and skin care products to thank for the 21 years strong support from customers.


Homart, the healthy choice for Australia!


Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au

Photo information: Homart Pharmaceuticals attended the celebration of Australia National Day

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