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Homart Pharmaceutical’s celebration of the TVBA TV advertising awards ceremony ends successfully

Recently, Australian TVBA Television Limited held “the Eighth TVBA TV advertising awards ceremony” at The Star, Sydney. Over 300 political, business, and overseas Chinese were dressed to attend the ceremony. Ms. Lynn YEH (Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals) and Ivy (Marketing Manager) were also invited to join in the festivities. Mr. Zongrong HUANG (Manager of TVBA television) and Mr. Zhijie ZHANG (Marketing Director) thanked all the VIPs for taking the time to participate in their celebrations despite their busy schedules.

Over the years, TVBA television has been committed to promoting and developing television advertisements and also encouraging creative advertising. As a propaganda platform, they hope to play a more powerful role in regards to social responsibility. The “TV advertising awards ceremony” held by TVBA TV has become an annual event. It is held not only to thank customers for their support, but to also take the opportunity to let the TVBA television audience express their own preferences and opinions directly.

In this year’s awards ceremony, TVBA TV thanked all of its customers’ support to the TVBA television. With their business growth faster last year, they opened three new Vietnamese channels.

During the ceremony, TVBA TV awarded the ‘loyal advertisers award,’ ‘promotion of local activities award,’ creative advertising awards, best advertising agency awards, most improved advertisers awards as well as the most improved advertisers classifieds Awards. In addition to those many awards, Macao TVBA television won the online vote for ‘my favourite TV Advertising award’, ‘my favourite locally produced TV commercials’ category award, and the ‘best television advertising Awards.’
During the ceremony, the 2012 International Chinese New Talent Singing Contest’s award-winning singer performed a wonderful song and dance. In addition to these special guests, they invited TVB Hong Kong Super Star Mr. Haoran HUANG to further perform at the event. Also, previous Sydney and Melbourne Miss China attended the celebration with a dizzying catwalk performance. The awards ceremony will be broadcast on Saturday, March 23, 2013 20:00 on the “TVBJ emerald satellite station”.

Homart Pharmaceuticals was honoured to participate in TVBA television’s advertising awards ceremony. During the night, we exchanged pleasant conversations with all of our friends as well as congratulating the TVBA ceremony on its great success. Since its establishment in 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals has specialised in the Australian wholesale, global export and contract manufacturing of premium quality Australian health supplements and skin care products with integrity, under the company concept of being reliable and undertaking sustainable management. Homart has won a number of Australian and International awards over the past years, and has been blessed from the premiers of several leading countries. The top quality assurance of Homart products wins all of our customer’s trust. TOP LIFE, SPRING LEAF and HEALTH&NATURE, three famous brands from Homart have reached every corner of the world. Homart is always focused on the production, export and wholesale of high quality Australian health food and skincare products which are not only popular in Australia, but also widely exported to the Asia-Pacific region, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea, and areas like Europe, America and the Middle East. Homart sincerely appreciates the continuous support from our valuable customers and will keep supplying Australian-made top quality health supplements for our customers. Homart, the healthy choice for Australia!
Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd 02 9648 2880 Website: www.homart.com.au.

Photo Information:
Homart Pharmaceuticals Managing Director Ms. Lynn YEH (second on the right) with the participating mayors, city councillors and other officials, celebrating the TVBA TV advertising awards ceremony.

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