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Homart Pharmaceuticals grandly hosted the Taiwan New Product Launch Press Conference

Homart Pharmaceuticals recently hosted a grand new product launch press conference in Taiwan. TOP LIFE, SPRING LEAF, HEALTH&NATURE and GOLDEN HIVE, four famous brands from Homart, have now officially launched in the Taiwanese market. This grand scale press conference brought a wide variety of distinguished guests, including Representative of the Australian Office Taipei Mr. Martin WALSH, President of the Youth Career Development Association Headquarters XU Hui Xu, Secretary General of the General Youth Career Development Association ZHI Hong Huang, president of LiuYuan Huan Pty Ltd, as well as various presidents of other Taiwanese listed companies. Miss Lynn YEH, Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals represented her company at this press conference, along with her senior management team. In addition to all these distinguished members and guests, there were many well known journalists and reporters from many different media channels and newspapers, with some famous reporters including Nailin XU, Quanzhen YEH and Yaping LEE, in attendance to send their regards. This grand press conference was presented by Nailin XU, and the enthusiastic atmosphere generated greatly demonstrated Homart Pharmaceutical’s strong business strength, entrepreneurial flair and extraordinary popularity, regardless of location. All outlets of the Taiwanese Media vigorously reported on and praised this grand event afterwards.

Miss Lynn YEH stated at the press conference that “This has made people feel the importance of the honesty of the business operations and its owners, especially in light of the numerous food safety problems that have been recently exposed in Taiwan. As a business operator, you should always choose the best quality or you do not choose anything at all.” She further mentioned that Australia has top quality clean raw materials and stringent government regulations, as well as honest business operations. She reflected that Homart as a company had to reflect the honest characteristics and genuine care demonstrated by all operators within the business. The business had to exert the characteristics of responsibility, diligence and a serious business philosophy and operational spirit. She expressed her beliefs that the product should not only have transparency and visibility, but the company should also have credibility. Homart Pharmaceuticals has been established for 21 years, and during this time it has strictly adhered to TGA regulations, which are more stringent than food regulations in Australia. All products produced under these TGA regulations must satisfy the most rigid cGMP (PIC/S) standards, and the production process includes 14 quality control processes, conducted through the internal quality assurance department, and then additionally through an external independent laboratory to ensure the safety and quality of all products that come out of production. Homart Pharmaceuticals is determined to bring Top Quality Australian health foods and skin care products to the Taiwanese public, and bring its products to each individual Taiwanese family.

Although this press conference was held in Taiwan, the atmosphere at this gathering was also deeply immersed in and reflective of Australian culture and history. The Taiwanese Aboriginal guests performed with the traditional Didgeridoo, and the conference location was set up to be linked to Australia’s history. In the hands of a strong performer, the 1.3m long Didgeridoo emitted the wild power of the safari, giving the audience the feeling that they just stepped into the Australian desert, looking out at the horizon, listening to wild footsteps on the prairie. This rousing performance as well as the deep cultural atmosphere triggered applause from the audience. Homart Pharmaceuticals’ signing ceremony was definitely the culmination of the news conference, and it marked a new level of cooperation between Homart Pharmaceuticals and its Taiwanese distributor, demonstrating to the general public that Homart Pharmaceuticals has now officially entered the Taiwanese market.

Furthermore, as a result of this cooperation, there will be a Taiwanese TV program which will consistently broadcast Homart’s advertisements of its health food and skin care products, allowing the consumers to become more educated and aware of the health benefits that Homart’s health food products will provide to the public, and the contributions the products will make to their general well being. Homart will bring its 100% pure, healthy, high quality health foods and skin care products to the Taiwanese and Asian market for the benefits of worldwide health.

Through its years of dedication and perseverance, Homart has become synonymous with integrity and has now become Australia’s most famous top quality health food and skin care brand. Homart’s products have not only established a high reputation in Australia, but have also expanded worldwide to a multitude of international markets. Since its establishment in 1992 in Sydney, Australia, Homart has won 12 Australian and International awards during the past 4 years, and this year it won again, becoming the winner of the ‘Premier’s NSW Export Awards 2013,’ which further reinforced Homart’s continuous growth and strong reputation, as well as its strong contributions to the Australian economy. The mainstream media in Australia also paid close attention to Homart’s achievements and growth, including the ABC and Channel 9. Apart from business success, Homart has also continuously supported various charity events and activities to fulfil its corporate social responsibility. Homart has proudly become a prestigious Australian company, which was also the exclusive health supplement manufacturer showcased in the Australian Pavilion during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Homart currently occupies around 80% of the market share of Australian health food exports to Macau, and 60% of exports to Hong Kong. Now that Homart has entered into the Taiwanese domestic market, this would undoubtedly bring the same success to Taiwan. Homart, the healthy choice for Australia!

Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au
Photo information: Homart Pharmaceuticals grandly hosted the new product launch news conference in Taiwan.

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