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          Homart is a market leader in Australian made health supplements, skincare and dairy products across our brand portfolio ranging from everyday lifestyle to premium luxury.
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Homart Pharmaceuticals was proudly appointed health supplement brand of “ Show Over the limit 2013 World Live Tour Sydney Stop”

The “Show Lo Over the limit 2013 World Live Tour Sydney Stop” sponsored by Homart Pharmaceuticals was grandly held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Regarded as “Asia Dancing King”, Show Lo (Xiaozhu) demonstrated superb performance, pushing the concert to consecutive climax by his exquisite dancing skills, lively dynamic singing and music.

“ Show Lo Over the limit 2013 World Live Tour Sydney Stop” was hosted by JMS Entertainment Group. In order to thank fans for the great support and love towards Show Lo (Xiaozhu) for so many years, the host also spent heavily on building the beautiful leopard castle stage for him, echoing the main theme of this show-cool leopard, which enabled the fans to witness his new record of continuous self-challenge towards the dancing&singing limit over the many years. Furthermore, as dance director and creative director of this Sydney tour, Show Lo himself also challenged his stamina and dance types limit. During the two hours show, he constantly endeavored to perform through the series of dance music, including Jazz, Breaking, Africa jungle dancing etc, this has made him become well-deserved “Asia Dancing King”. Moreover, he also used his sense of humor from variety shows, exhibiting the man-of-the-people style, actively interacting and engaging with audience, triggering constant laughter at the show. His piano and drum performance arranged in between has further sparked scenes of mass enthusiastic atmosphere, warm applause from his devoted fans, making the show keep climaxing.

Established in Australia in 1992, Homart specializes in manufacturing and marketing high quality Australian health supplements and skin care products. As the exclusive health supplement manufacturer showcased in Australian pavilion in 2010 Shanghai Expo, Homart also won numerous international and Australia awards over the years. It includes: NSW Premier Export Award 2010, HKABA Business Award-Export of Goods Award 2010, HKABA Business Award-Grand Winner Award 2010, Model of Overseas Entrepreneurs Award 2010, The 19th anniversary AustCham Business Awards 2011, NMMA Export Award in 2011, Energy Efficiency Award 2011, SBCA-Manufacturing Award 2012, Endeavour Awards-Export of the Year 2012, Endeavour Awards-Manufacturer of the Year 2012. Homart has undoubtedly become the champion of champions in health supplements industry. SPRING LEAF, TOP LIFE and HEALTH&NATURE, three top quality famous brands from Homart have reached every corner of the world. For Australian health supplements, Homart is your best choice!

Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au.

Photo information: Homart Pharmaceuticals was proudly appointed health supplement brand of “ Show Lo Over the limit 2013 World Live Tour Sydney Stop”. The Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals Ms Lynn YEH took a photo with Show Lo.

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