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Homart Pharmaceuticals Sponsors Sydney Taiwan Carnival with great passion

The second Sydney Taiwan Carnival, sponsored by Homart Pharmaceuticals, was grandly held at Tumbalong Park located in Darling Harbour. This grand carnival comprised of the world-renowned Taiwan orchid, night market snacks and a lantern show consisting of a twister snake and LED environmentally-friendly paper sculpture lantern light. As well as the lantern show, many Taiwan temple fair dancers all gathered together to perform. There were more than 30,000 people that participated at this carnival, and the crowd’s crazy and enthusiastic atmosphere and energy greatly demonstrated Taiwan’s cultural beauty.

This carnival was a cultural feast, demonstrating the Taiwanese culture through vision, hearing and taste. The carefully selected butterfly orchid, flamingo flower and oncidium were presented in the most beautiful way to nurture the soul of all visitors. Taiwan, known as the origin of orchids, produces more than one third of all the orchids in the world. The Taiwan butterfly orchid has won the golden medal at the Chelsea flower festival, which is known as the ‘Oscar Awards’ for flowers and gardens. Moreover, the booths at the carnival also displayed to the public hundreds of different types of local Taiwanese foods, including juicy steamed buns, Taiwanese salt & pepper fried chicken, deep fried pork and all sorts of bubble teas. The permeating smells of the food brought the crowds and its delicious taste satisfied all the visitor’s taste buds. In order for Australia’s ethnically diverse population to experience Taiwan’s temple fair culture, the organisers also arranged a Taiwanese puppetry experience and a parent-child experience zone. This was also Taiwan balloon museum’s first visit to Australia, so to mark the occasion they displayed their specially designed environmentally friendly balloons and lantern lights. Many local and Taiwanese professional performers were invited to the festival, taking turns to perform on stage, enhancing to the festive atmosphere of the carnival.

Homart Pharmaceuticals was proudly appointed as a sponsoring health supplement brand at this year’s Sydney Taiwan Carnival. Homart’s two deluxe booths displayed high quality and 12 award-winning health supplements and skin care products, which attracted large long queues bringing inquiries from many visitors. Homart Pharmaceuticals also brought 800 of their high quality Homart products to actively engage with people through the lucky draw game, which triggered many visitors from the crowd, and people queued there for more than an hour just for a turn and to experience Homart’s high quality products. Many visitors also took photos with the special “Top Life” doll and accessed and liked Homart’s Homart’s Facebook page using their phone, yelling Homart’s name to express their great love of Homart. Homart’s reputation and brand awareness again received great consent and confirmation.

Established in Australia in 1992, Homart specializes in manufacturing and marketing high quality Australian health supplements and skin care products. As the exclusive health supplement manufacturer showcased at the Australian Pavilion during the 2010 Shanghai Expo, Homart has also won numerous international and Australian awards over the years. These awards include the NSW Premier Export Award 2010, HKABA Business Award-Export of Goods Award 2010, HKABA Business Award-Grand Winner Award 2010, Model of Overseas Entrepreneurs Award 2010, The 19th anniversary AustCham Business Awards 2011, NMMA Export Award in 2011, Energy Efficiency Award 2011, SBCA-Manufacturing Award 2012, Endeavour Awards-Export of the Year 2012, Endeavour Awards-Manufacturer of the Year 2012. Homart has undoubtedly become the champion of champions in the health supplements industry. SPRING LEAF, TOP LIFE and HEALTH&NATURE, three top quality famous brands from Homart have reached every corner of the world. For Australian health supplements, Homart is your best choice!

Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au

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