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Huazhong Entrepreneur Club EMBA Visits Homart Pharmaceuticals

A few days ago Homart Pharmaceuticals warmly received entrepreneurs from Wuhan, Hubei province, China. The visit from Huazhong Entrepreneur Club was organized by the entrepreneurs federation and business groups from Hubei. The Huazhong Entrepreneur Club is a group which aggregates multiple resources, and is a comprehensive high-end platform formed to help bring about group development. In their 2 years of study, students will work together to appreciate Chu Shang (the Union of Hubei Businessmen) culture, to promote leadership skills and to explore business opportunities for the Union to build a business platform. This will establish projects across Hubei in the easiest and most convenient way, and expand a broader perspective and gather resources by visiting world-renowned business groups in China and around the world. The EMBA visit to the 19th anniversary Model of Overseas Entrepreneurs Award winner- Homart Managing Director Ms Lynn YEH, was recommended by Mr. Yuanping KUANG, and they were there to learn from Homart’s transparent corporate culture, and to hopefully gain some knowledge from Homart’s fast global development in health products.

This group of 30 people was led by Mr. Hui XU, Deputy Director of Wuhan Indus Rain Cultural Development Co. Ltd. All these EMBA Club members hold senior management positions in their companies, and are elite performers in their lines of works and industries. Homart Pharmaceuticals Managing Director Ms. Lynn YEH expressed her sincere welcome to these elite entrepreneurs and passed on her wealth of knowledge in business management and leadership skills in the seminar. Later on, Homart’s Export Senior Manager Mr. Daniel led all guests to the cGMP germ-free manufactory area, where they learned about the manufactory process, strict testing and quality control, and Homart’s logistic and inventory management. They also visited the big air-conditioned logistics building and Homart Museum, the one hundred year old historical site located in the beautiful natural reserve, and the nearby Upjohn National Preservation Park. The manufactory, high-quality management, and the natural and clean factory left an impression on our distinguished visitors from the Huazhong Entrepreneur Club. The trip was carefully designed by Homart for these EMBA Club members. Mr. Daniel continued to lead them to the showroom displaying health care and skin care products in the new factory where they learned about the various high quality products that Homart presented at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and visited the display centre that exhibits all the Australian and International awards/certifications won by Homart. The company’s reports were then presented in the giant semi-hemisphere conference room capable of hosting up to 100 people. The guests also watched the commemorative film of Homart’s 20 years anniversary, and discussed Homart’s business model.

Homart Pharmaceuticals products are well-known and sold all over the world. Since its establishment in 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals has become one of the largest Australian Pharmaceuticals organizations. Homart was the sole Health Food Supplier at the Australian Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 and its health supplements and business have won 15 Australian and International awards in the past 5 years. Homart’s products are not only popular in Australia, but also widely recognized in the consumer market worldwide. For Australian health supplements, Homart is your best choice!

Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au

Photo: Huazhong Entrepreneur Club EMBA Visits Homart Pharmaceuticals


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