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Lynn Yeh, CEO of Homart group, was invited to attend the fifth “fortune gathering” of Sydney’s lion club

“Sydney Lions Club of Australia” is part of the “International Lions Club”, an international charity organization with the motto of “we serve”. Established in April 1995, Sydney Chinese Lions club is the first Chinese Lions Club in New South Wales(NSW), Australia. Sydney Lion Society of Australia will hold its fifth annual “fortune gathering” to share their entrepreneurship experience on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at the Sydney Entrepreneurship Centre. This forum is fortunate to have five industry leaders sharing their knowledge, including Lynn Yeh, CEO of Homart group; Petko Petkov of “co-founder of Chefin private kitchen home platform”; Curt Shi of “co-founder of Follow (The) Speed Venture Capital Fund”; Sam Zheng of co-founder and CEO of Curious Thing AI; and Brian Zou of CEO of Block42.

This year, the Sydney Chinese Lions Club will present a finance management and investment knowledge conference for these five entrepreneurial elites. Lynn Yeh will be invited to attend the forum and share her entrepreneurial experience and skills with the audience. Lynn graduated from the University of Sydney in Australia with a master’s degree in marketing and established Australia’s Homart Group in 1992. Lynn started her business with an initial amount of 20,000 Australian dollars. After 27 years of development, she founded Homart cGMP pharmaceutical factory and 12 well-known Australian health food, skincare products, and dairy brands with high standards, which sell well and remain popular all over the world. Moreover, she has won 16 international awards in Australia for 6 consecutive years. Homart Group will be listed on the Australian main board ASX at the end of this year.

This “fortune gathering” will provide entrepreneurs with objective, neutral and non-commercial information about high-quality investment and financial management. As a successful businesswoman, Lynn participated in the conference with the hope of helping new and old immigrants in the Chinese community better integrate into the social and economic activities in Australia through investment. Lynn was not only received by the Chinese President Jinping Xi, the Chinese premier Keqiang Li and Mr. Ma Ying-jeou, but also rated as the “Outstanding Representative of Australian Immigrants” by the federal government of Australia.



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