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Eric Moo 2019 World Tour Sydney Concert Sponsored by Homart

Eric Moo’s 2019 World Tour Concert, sponsored by Spring Leaf of Homart Group, Australia began with the “Moo of Gratitude” in Sydney on August 31. Eric Moo, Dr. Lin yin-nuo and the “Worship Group” musicians are outstanding in the Chinese pop music world. It is always their prayer and expectation to perform in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ on the shining stage. That night, the CEO of Homart Group, Lynn YEH, attended a concert by Eric Moo to witness and share their loving energy.

After the concert, Ms. Yeh and her husband also participated in the “Compassion” adoption program; financially supporting two children – Awewonu Isha and Najenjwa Fikirini Lukwaro both from South Africa. Ms Yeh said the reason for choosing these children was because they had waited for up to 300 days without being adopted. The organisation “Compassion” is to place Jesus as the center, children as the target and church as the base to help children out of poverty.



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