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Representatives of the Shanghai People’s Political Consultative Conference visit Homart Pharmaceuticals


The Representatives of the Shanghai People’s Political Consultative Conference recently led the Professors of Fudan University and Environmental Professionals to Australia to visit and study the environmentally friendly and energy saving methods in Australia. Part of their agenda was to visit Homart’s new cGMP Factory and explore Homart’s corporate culture, as well as their well-established manufacturing standards. The representatives received a warm welcome when they arrived at the new cGMP Factory in Rydalmere.


The representatives that made up the delegation included Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference Sha YI, Shanghai Greening Bureau Director YANG Wenyue, Director of the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee –ZHANG Xiwen, Deputy Director of Shanghai Association Secretariat YANG Tao, Professor of Fudan University WANG XiaoRong, Professor of Shanghai University of Electric Power SUN HaiBing and Director of Australian International Cultural Association YANG Zhiwei, to name a few.


After the conference, Homart Managing Director Ms Lynn YEH accompanied the representatives on their visit to Homart’s new 15,000 square metre factory, including the cGMP sterile manufacturing area, large activity centre, dining room and the Century-old Homart Museum, located in the lush green woods. The representatives were highly impressed by Homart’s strict standards which have helped to establish a high degree of quality control, as well as the natural plant environment of the new site. The representatives were full of praise and complimented Homart’s great achievements in the past few years, some of those being Homart becoming the exclusive health supplements retail manufacturer of the 2010 Shanghai EXPO, Homart becoming the recipient of 14 International Awards in the past four years, and Managing Director Ms Lynn YEH receiving the nomination of 2013 NSW Woman of the Year, amongst many other achievements.


Following the site visit, Homart arranged a dinner for the representatives with the Chinese Sydney consul of Consulate WANG Yun, NSW Senator WANG Guozhong, Mr ZHOU GuangMing, President of Hong Kong chamber of Commerce Gravin HO, President of the Australian International Cultural Industry Association YANG Zhiwei, etc, to further discuss the topic of the Chinese Australian economic development, cultural appreciation, and steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly.


Homart Pharmaceuticals commits to manufacturing high-quality health supplements and skin care products. Homart’s products are not only well-known in Australia, but also famous throughout the world. In the past 20 years, Homart has always pursued the value of dedication, honesty and returning back to the community and charity; help people work towards a healthy, balanced and happy life. Homart also has the ambition of leading by example, in order to inspire more Australian enterprises to give back to society, fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. Australian Health Supplements, Top Choice Homart!


Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au.



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