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Homart Pharmaceuticals support Australia Charity organization CCCSC new year thanks-giving party


The annual Charity organization thanks giving new year party was grandly hold at the beautiful natural Homart pharmaceutical factory located near the Upjohn park recently. This party was to gather all volunteers and people together for a joyful festival. Belinda-the representative of CCCSC prepared all the delicious food by herself in order to thank for all the great effort that volunteers have contributed for the past year.


CCCSC (Chinese Christian Community Service Centre) located at Epping is established for providing service and help Asian people in Sydney. Its goal is to use Christian’s love to help more needed people especially the immigration family. Homart has been supporting CCCSC for years and hold various activities and charitable free classes including: English class, Mandarin class, Computer science, mission class, youth and parents class, and free speech for migration and overseas study etc. Moreover, CCCSC also regularly hold Moon festival reunion, parent-child relationship speech and other activities. Feel free to contact CCCSC for any classes and activities if you are interested. CCCSC contact no:(02)98765546, email address: admin@cccsc.org.au, address: 41 Essex Epping NSW 2121, Webiste: http://cccsc.org.au.


This year is the second year of CCCSC to hold the New Year thanks-giving party at Homart Pharmaceuticals natural beautiful factory in order to thank for the unselfish contribution to CCCSC and Australia society from all loving volunteers. Around 100 volunteers attended this thanks-giving party. Due to the large number of CCCSC volunteers and they all come from different background and areas, consistently contributed to the charity in Australia society. Many of the volunteers do not know each other , so this thanks-giving new year party would be a fantastic opportunity for them to gather together and introduce themselves, share their experience and to understand the all the charity activities, functions, and other volunteers, great chance for them to memorise all the details for what they have done. When the volunteers knew each other and what each of them experienced, they became more closer, the atmosphere of this party became very touching.


CCCSC has serviced for thousands of people since its establishment, its kind activity has gain great support from the government and recognized by citizens as well. Homart pharmaceuticals agree and support CCCSC’s philosophy: Let’s service people to change their lives. Lynn YEH, managing director of Homart pharmaceuticals brought her family to attend this party and encouraged also thanked the volunteers’s unselfish contribution to Australia society, she is also thrilled that Homart can also participated into this, hoping this Cgmp factory can not only produce high quality health supplements, but also keep providing free venue for these charitable organizations to help the charity groups, spreading the love and service people.


Since its establishment in 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals has specialised in the Australian wholesale, global export and contract manufacturing of premium quality Australian health supplements and skin care products. Over the years, Homart Pharmaceuticals has supported many charity events, such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), the Australian Christian Community Service Centre (CLLSC), and has provided scholarships to poverty-stricken students in Wuhan, China. Homart is going to continue to organise and hold a wide range of charity events in the future to encourage more people to engage in the charity events, leading by example. For Australian health supplements, Homart is your best choice!


Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au.


Photo information: Homart Pharmaceuticals supported Australia volunteers organization CCCSC’ thanks-giving new year party.

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